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0641A Fiberglas's Body Rubberised Handle Wood Cutting Axe

0641A Fiberglas's Body Rubberised Handle Wood Cutting Axe


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Gardening Tools 685 gms Hatchet Axe Fiberglass Body Rubberized Handle Wood Cutting Axe, Camping Axe, Safety Axe

This Hatchet is made from very strong and reliable fiberglass material and has a rubberized section where you can have firm grip to split away wood logs or chop wood. The steel head is designed for maximum force and with a strong body and handle this will last you for many tasks.

Light-weight Fiber Glass Handle Hatchet Axe
This axe is quite lightweight so that it can be easily carried to your camping expeditions. So, set your adventurous self, free, carry this multipurpose axe with you to the woods. From your regular household use to camping requirements, the JPT Camp axe is the perfect tool to meet your carpentry and camping needs. 

685g Hatchet Axe
Camp Axe with Fiberglass Handle
Camp Axe is a shape and size ideal for camping, hiking or light woodcutting expeditions. A polished and sharpened edge allows you to cut wood with less effort while its Indestructible Fiberglass handle offers extra stability. It is small enough to pack and carry yet big enough to get the job done. This hand tool is designed using quality materials for a quicker and better workmanship.

- Drop-forged carbon steel Head
- Strong fiberglass handle
- Textured rubberized grip
- Perfect for splitting small to medium-sized logs with power and speed
- #45 forged fine grain steel head hardened and tempered for durability
- Strong fiberglass handle, stronger than wooden handle
- Two colors, fiberglass handle shaft with comfortable ergonomic cushion grip
- Ground edges finish, includes sharp edge cover

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