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1388 Disposable Ear Loop Elastic Face Mask (50 Pc)

1388 Disposable Ear Loop Elastic Face Mask (50 Pc)


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 Outdoor Protection Face Mask

 Filters 95% bacteria

Disposable Face Mask with Meltblown layer filters 95% bacteria through air and offers protection against dust, saliva and other air borne particles. It will limit your exposure to dust and other air pollutants and is an efficient alternative to normal handkerchiefs.

 Comfortable fit

The mask is provided with elastic ear loops to offer a snug fit. The mask is made of non-woven fabric which is lightweight & soft against your skin and can be conveniently used.

 How to Use

 Step 1- Take out one mask and place over your face

 Step 2- Pull the ear straps to the back of your ears

 Step 3- Adjust the mask such that it covers your nose and chin

 Step 4- Discard the mask after one use. Use a fresh mask from the pack on the next occasion

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