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1755 Measuring Tapes Covered with Metal Coating

1755 Measuring Tapes Covered with Metal Coating


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Pocket Steel 5 meter Measuring Tape

Steel Measuring Tape. Unbreakable ABS Case. Equipped With Lock. Measurement range 5m brand. With the sturdy belt clip, Strong comfortable wrist strap, you can carry the measuring tape in your pocket, or belt clip it on your belt, or use the strap to hold it on your wrist. The lock is very strong and the raised thumb catch makes locking it a natural movement- just push the button to retract the blade firmly and safely, which ensures the convenience and flexibility of your measurement application

- Handy for any measuring jobs, an essential tool for sewing, crafts.
- Ensures great performance every time you use it
- Gives accurate measurements
- Long-lasting and durable
- Tape rule, flexible tape with ergonomic groove

Type of Product: Pocket Steel Measuring Tape
Measuring Range: 5 m
Width(mm): 19 mm

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