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1785 8Pc Hole Saw Set

1785 8Pc Hole Saw Set


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8-Piece Set Carbon Arbored Adjustable Hole Saw Set Round Circular (64 mm, 76mm1 89mm, 102mm & 127mm)

8 pcs Hole Saw Set Comprising: 5 X Saws (64 mm, 76mm1 89mm, 102mm & 127mm). the Kit Include five hole saw round blades and pilot drill adapter with dril bit. Kit can be used on Wood, Drywall, MDF and Playwood. Ideal tool for Running Pipes or wire through cabinets, Counter tops and walls.

Bi-Metal Constuction
Shatterproof design cuts through stainless steel and other metals, pipe, nail embedded wood, floors, plywood and plastics.

Improved Concentricity
Reduces vibration and decreases user fatigue, while the precision round cutting profile increases speed of cut and life of the cutter.

- Includes five saw blade with locable safety driver plate
- Replaceable Driver bith with hex key wrench
- Cuts perfect circles with this hole saw kit
- Packaged inside plastic case for easy and convenient storage
- Effectively and economically cuts wood and plastic materials

5 pcs Hole Saw:
2-1/2" (64mm)
3" (76mm)
3-1/2" (89mm)
4" (102mm)
5" (127mm)

1pc Arbor
1pc Hex key Wrench: 2.5mm
1pc Driver plate
Packing: Blow Mould Case

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